I love creating. Whether useful or absurd, my work has run the gamut. A selected sampling is available below.

Zebeth 90s LAN


Chicken Nugget Spice Route


Eric’s LEGO Creations


12th Man Wellness Centers

I created a parody website “selling” the healing power of the 12th Man shortly after the historic Seahawks Super Bowl victory. Those of us living in the Seattle area at the time know how much energy and buzz there was after the win. It was palpable.

Fun Fact:  After the site’s launch, the intellectual property law firm Wong, Cabello, Lutsch, Rutherford & Brucculeri LLP representing Texas A&M University, the owners of the 12th Man mark, levied allegations of unauthorized use of the same and offered to settle. I defended my First Amendment right to use the 12th Man mark in a parody fair use manner successfully and the claim was dropped.



Gold Halliburton-Zero Suitcase PC Mod