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Selected Case History

The majority of the legal matters I have worked have been for private corporate and law firm clients who generally do not wish their matters to be disclosed. I strictly honor this confidentiality.

For this reason, my selected case history contains only lawsuits and criminal cases that are a matter of public record. I certify that all cases listed below are ones for which I have personally performed digital forensics, electronic discovery work, information security investigations, or any combination thereof.

    • 2007: Sify Limited v. Yahoo!, Inc., et al. (1-06-CV-076671, Santa Clara Co., Cal. Super. Ct.)
    • 2007-2009: Odom v. Microsoft Corp., and Best Buy Co., Inc., et al. (04-2-10618-4 SEA, King Co. Super. Ct.) [1]
    • 2007-2008: Brian Vaughn v. The City of Puyallup, et al. (C07-5093RJB, W.D. Wash.)
    • 2008: Kristina Jones & Kim Marrs, et al. v. Casey’s General Stores, et al. (4:07-cv-400, S.D. Iowa, Central Div.)
    • 2009: King County v. Andrew James Flory (10-9-29724-9, King Co. Super. Ct.)
    • 2009: King County v. Deene Juncker (08-1-12418-1, King Co. Super. Ct.)
    • 2010-2011: Londi K. Lindell v. City of Mercer Island, et al. (CV 08-1827 JLR, W.D. Wash.)
    • 2012: Pedroza v. RevenueWire, Inc. et al. (2:12-cv-00183, W.D. Wash.)
    • 2012: Deborah J. Simon v. Bren Simon, et al. (29D03-1001-TR-0002, 29D03-0910-ES-141, 29D03-1001-PL-93, Hamilton Co., Ind. Super. Ct.)
    • 2013: Tefida, Zao, et al. v. 1,925 Cartons of Crab, et al. (C13-464 RSM, W.D. Wash.)
    • 2013-2014: Doug and Beth O’Neill v. The City of Shoreline, et al. (82397-9, Wash.)
    • 2013: Barbara Turner v. City of Seattle (11-2-14849-1, Seattle Mun. Ct.)
    • 2013: James Brand, et al. v. Comcast Corporation, Inc. (11 C 8471, N.D. Ill., Eastern Div.)
    • 2014: State of Washington v. Andrew St. Nicholas Brooks (Skagit County Super. Ct.)
    • 2014: State of Washington v. Richard Kirkham (Skagit County Super. Ct.)
    • 2014: United States of America v. Douglas L. Swenson, et al. (1:13-cr-00091-S-BLW, D. Idaho) [1][2]
    • 2017-2019: R v Zammis Clark and Thomas Hounsell (Blackfriars Crown Court 28 March 2019) [1][2][3][4]

Security Vulnerability Research


Public Speaking & Presentations

I have years of experience in speaking, presenting, and giving workshops to professional and other groups about cybersecurity, digital forensics, and incident response in both private and public settings.

Microsoft STRIKE

  • Date: May 3, 2019
  • Location: Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington, USA
  • Type: Talk
  • Co-Presenter: Claire Lieu, Microsoft

Microsoft STRIKE

  • Date: April 15, 2019
  • Location: Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington, USA
  • Type: Talk
  • Co-Presenters: Claire Lieu, Rakesh Narayan, & Becky Ochs, Microsoft

Microsoft Azure Forensics Law Enforcement Training

  • Date: December 3-4, 2018
  • Location: Fleming’s Selection Hotel Frankfurt Am Main in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Type: Lab
  • Subject: How to perform forensic analysis in the Azure cloud, with a focus on law enforcement forensic needs.
  • Co-Instructors: Jeff Shaw, Microsoft & Ben Ridgway, Microsoft

2018 Northwest Regional ICAC Conference

BlueHat v18

The BlueHat Conference is dedicated to educate Microsoft engineers and executives on current and emerging security threats, to help them address security issues in Microsoft products and protect customers. BlueHat serves as a great opportunity for us to bring the brightest minds in the security ecosystem together to discuss and tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the industry today.

UPDATE: Due to various factors, Matti and I were unable to present this talk at BlueHat v18, but I wanted to keep this up here to acknowledge the tremendous effort Matti put into this and the fantastic job Chris did presenting solo.

Microsoft STRIKE

  • Date: August 27, 2018
  • Location: Microsoft Commons in Redmond, Washington, USA
  • Type: Talk

30th Annual FIRST Conference

2018 Digital Crimes Consortium Conference

  • Date: March 8, 2018
  • Location: Panama Marriott Hotel in Panama City, Panama
  • Type: Lab
  • Subject: Windows Forensics 101 & Windows Forensics 102
  • Co-Instructors: Yevgeniy Cole, Microsoft & Ben Ridgway, Microsoft
  • URL: https://www.digitalcrimescommunity.com/

2018 Digital Crimes Consortium Conference

BlueHat v17

2017 Northwest Regional ICAC Conference

RoadTrip Nation’s Cybersecurity Roadtrip

  • Date: December 19, 2016
  • Location: Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit in Redmond, Washington, USA
  • Type: Interview
  • Subject: Interview with Antwan, Emily, and Mansi, three aspiring cybersecurity pros who are exploring what’s possible in the wide‐open world of data, security, and more.
  • URL: http://roadtripnation.com/roadtrip/cybersecurity
  • Blog Post from Mansi about the experience: http://blog.mansi.us/?p=300

2016 Digital Crimes Consortium Conference

BlueHat v15

Microsoft Customer Cybersecurity Briefings

  • Dates: January 2016 – Current
  • Location: Cyber Defense Operation Center in Redmond, Washington, USA
  • Type: Talk
  • Subject: I frequently lead customer briefings on Microsoft’s cybersecurity posture and program, showcasing the world-class capabilities of the CDOC.
  • More details on this program can be found here: Microsoft’s Cyber Defense Operations Center shares best practices

Mount Vernon, WA Chamber of Commerce

  • Date: April 2014
  • Location: Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce, Mount Vernon, Washington, USA
  • Subject: Mobile Device Security and Forensics


Contributing Author, Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center Strategy Brief (2017)